Performance and compensation

The aim of the Group’s compensation policy is to ensure its attractiveness and its employees’ commitment and retention over the long term, whilst also ensuring appropriate compliance and risk management and promoting the Group’s values. For corporate officers, it is designed to recognise implementation of the Group’s strategy and promote its longevity in the interests of shareholders, clients and employees alike.

Attracting employees and recognising their contribution to the group’s performance
Offering a fair and attractive compensation policy to retain employees
Acknowledging each employee’s contribution to the Group’s performance
Ensuring that compensation decisions take performance reviews into account
Offering a share of compensation based on collective employee performance, in line with the Group’s values

Recognising appropriate risk management and corporate social responsibility issues in employee compensation
Recognising the Group’s risks and how they are managed
Aligning employee compensation with corporate social responsibility issues for the Group

Demonstrating transparency on executive compensation

Performance and compensation report

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