Dialogue with stakeholders

Listening to our stakeholders allows us to better understand the changes in our environment and increases our agility in addressing new expectations. Which is why we set up dedicated communication channels with each of them: shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers, public authorities, rating agencies, regulators and supervisors, and civil society. 

These are communities within or outside of the Group - shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, public authorities and civil society (charities, NGOs, etc.) - which share the same interests, the same logic and influences, and with which it has fostered a climate of dialogue and exchange.

For further information:
Integrated Report 2019-202: Essential dialogue with our stakeholders

With our customers

We reaffirm the importance of our role as bankers: to help our clients invest in a more sustainable future. By supporting their projects and helping them grow, we are firmly committed to those who move the world forward. Societe Generale puts value creation for its customers at the heart of its business model, placing itself alongside entrepreneurs growing their businesses and developing their projects.

All Societe Generale players are committed to a series of structured initiatives designed to measure and monitor customer satisfaction and implement practical improvement actions. This strategy places customer relations at the heart of Societe Generale’s sales policy and banking offer and has resulted in the implementation of various assessments (surveys, mystery visits, questionnaires) to monitor all quality aspects: quality provided, quality observed and quality perceived by customers.

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With our shareholders and investors

Societe Generale regularly meets with its investors to present its strategy and results to them and to exchange views with them, including on environmental, social and governance topics.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors, General Management and Group’s Chief Financial Officer accompanied by the Investor Relations team, organise equity roadshows, environmental, social and governance roadshows and participated in broker conferences in the major international financial centres. In 2019, approximately 60 investor events have been organised.

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With the rating agencies

Non-financial risk management and performance, which is an integral component of Societe Generale’s overall performance, are regularly assessed and rated by the non-financial rating agencies. The resulting analyses and ratings constitute recognition of the quality and transparency of the information provided and reflect the attention paid to the Group’s CSR actions by an external and independent observer.

These ratings allow some of our stakeholders, such as the investors, to integrate non-financial criteria into their investment selections in addition to “responsible” stock market indices.

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Extra-financial ratings section of this website

With civil society

Societe Generale strives to engage in constructive dialogue with its stakeholders.

In particular, the Group listens to and converses with NGOs that alert it to E&S issues. Wherever possible, an internal enquiry is conducted and a documented response is given, either in writing or at meetings, as appropriate.

The Bank uses the Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) Department to centralise any request or contact by NGOs or other civil society members informing it about the impact of its financing services or other services.

The Group has a "Dialogue & transparency" section on its website.

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Societe Generale’s obligations for a responsible advocacy activities

With our staff

The Group measures the commitment of its staff through the Employee Satisfaction Survey, an annual and anonymous internal survey conducted throughout the Group. Shared with teh staff, the results serve as the basis for action plans and working groups in the spirit of continuous improvement.

In 2019, the Employee Satisfaction Survey measured: commitment, according to an indicator monitored since 2009; working conditions and the relationship with management against a backdrop of strong transformation; ethics, within the framework of the requirements of the various regulators and the G30; and, lastly, well-being at work.

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With our suppliers

The Group’s total annual procurement budget amounted in 2019 to €6.1 billion. In pursuing a responsible sourcing policy since 2006, with a view to ensuring compliance with Societe Generale’s environmental and social commitments, the Sourcing department has shown itself to be key to the CSR ambition.

The Group strives for continuous improvement in its sourcing practices. In 2012, the French National Ombudsman (Médiation des Entreprises) and National Procurement Council (CNA) awarded the Group the “Responsible Sourcing and Supplier Relations” certification.

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Universal Registration Document 2020 – Chapter 5, Responsible Sourcing Policy  
Focus on our Sustainable Sourcing Practices

With our regulators and supervisors

In all countries in which the Group is present, it builds close relationships with the banking and financial supervision authorities and regulators. This helps him to understand and to anticipate regulatory changes, while also enabling to contribute to them through regular consultations with these authorities.

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