Corporate Social Responsibility within Societe Generale

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Societe Generale’s CSR ambition, part of the Transform to Grow strategic plan 2020


Sylvie Préa Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

We contribute to the key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations through our geographical presence, the diversity of our businesses and our commitments as a responsible bank.

Societe Generale’s CSR ambition is built on six key pillars, all integrated into the activities of each of our businesses

"In the way we conduct our business:

The first pillar is client satisfaction and protection, providing the right service at the right moment, offering the safety and protection of our client’s interests and their assets.

“Ethics and governance” concerns the way in which we undertake our day-to-day business, in the respect of our values based on the Group’s integrity and culture of responsibility and including environmental, social and governance risks.

During this time of profound change, we believe that staff commitment is indivisible from the company’s performance and longevity. Our responsibility is to encourage staff commitment by developing an inclusive and ethical culture, respectful of individual differences, promoting diversity, and in the best interest of our clients and teams.

In our business development goals:

Contributing to the fight against climate change is a major issue for Societe Generale. We have set ourselves the objective of contributing to raising €100 billion in financing for the energy transition between 2016 and 2020, while also reducing our own carbon emissions by 25% per employee by 2020.

The Group also seeks to be a key player in the development of positive impact finance, coherent with new trends such as smart cities or new mobility solutions, while keeping a focus on inclusion and sustainability.

Lastly, the historical and significant presence of Societe Generale in Africa gives us the responsibility and a key role in supporting the sustainable development of the continent and its inclusion on the world stage in the best manner possible.”

Sylvie Préa,
Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

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