Financial results

Positive transformations

Acquisition of Lumo

Lumo is a French fintech that since 2012 has been combining leading expertise in crowdfunding and renewable energies to accelerate the energy transition. It gives individuals and companies the opportunity to help finance a selection of renewable energy projects in France.

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Intrapreneurship to boost innovation and agility

The Internal Start-up Call is the big intrapreneurship programme launched by Societe Generale to boost innovation and agility. The dynamism of internal start-ups like Moonshot-Internet, Elyxir and Step 31 has confirmed the strong entrepreneurial spirit on which the Group has decided to focus. These intrapreneurs’ journeys should benefit everyone, first and foremost the Group’s 30 million clients.

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Let's talk about... growth

Let's talk entrepreneurship, innovation, positive impact, business, creativity... Let's Talk consists of 10 episodes that put a young female entrepreneur and an experienced female boss or leader of a start-up face to face. Pitch, career development and advice, all during a 5 minute chat seeking to enable young women to take example from, begin a debate with and share experiences from inspirational women. In the 2nd episode, Anne de Kerckhove, CEO of Freespee, Business Angel Investor & Mentor gives her advice to Hélène Coulombeix, founder of Qualitavie accompanied by the services of Societe Generale: to associate, know how to surround oneself, find the right timing and to see big!

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