New Models

The digital transformation has brought with it the generation of new economic, management and production models. On foot of this, French SMEs are innovating and finding new growth drivers. But how does one get started? How do you transform your production and recruitment for the digital era? What impact will this have on the organisation? With what results? How do you bring employees on board? Societe Generale teamed up with unknowns and Coorpacademy to create the "New Models” video programme. The management of BABILOU, DEMECO and EUROFEU share their innovative and inspiring projects.

Discover, share, test out these new models.

Sharing new models

Babilou, Demeco and Eurofeu shared their concrete experience of the digital transformation. Societe Generale has compiled their accounts, experiments and achievements in the video "New Models", which includes a quiz, expert opinions and views of the management.

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