Let's talk female entrepreneurship

Let's talk entrepreneurship, innovation, positive impact, business, creativity... Let's Talk consists of 10 episodes that put a young female entrepreneur and an experienced female boss or leader of a start-up face to face. Pitch, career path, advice during 5 minutes of complicity, of dialogue, to enable young women to take example from, begin a debate with and share with inspirational women. These female start-up bosses from HEC business school and Societe Generale incubators are given free rein to initiate conversations with prominent businesswomen such as Mercedes Erra, Co-Founder of BETC, Anne de Kerckhove, CEO of Freespee and many others. The feminine side of the entrepreneurial spirit. A programme undertaken with the HEC business school in Paris.

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Let's talk entrepreneurship, innovation, positive impact, business, creativity... A hushed atmosphere, unfiltered conversations, a setting conducive to addressing every topic: successes, failures, growth. What is the recipe behind the success of these inspirational women? What advice do they have for these young female entrepreneurs? Watch the first episode.

Let's talk about... growth: season 1

Episode 1: how to increase from 2 to 30 employees?

Watch the discussions between Lara Rouyres, CEO of Visualbot.ai, and Emmanuelle Fauchier Magnan, CEO of Skello, on how they manage the growth of their companies and grow from 2 to 30 employees and then to several hundred without losing the original DNA of the initial project. The two buinesswomen share their experiences, advice and pitch their companies. Let's watch!

Episode 2: associate, know how to surround yourself, a major challenge

Discover the advice of Anne de Kerckhove, CEO of Freespee, Business Angel Investor & Mentor, Hélène Coulombeix, founder of Qualitavie accompanied by the services of Societe Generale: associate, know surround, find the right timing and see big! Qualitavie is an entrepreneurial project that carries a strong message: the defense of well-being and health. Qualitavie's mission is to promote health and quality of life at work through lifestyle, sound managerial practices, the work environment, etc.

Episode 3: CSR startup at the service of major groups

Discover the advice given by Virginie Bonneton, Head of the Startups Market at Societe Generale, to Sarah Ouattara, the founder of Samara Conciergerie. Sarah’s startup, Samara Conciergerie, is aimed at companies committed to a CSR approach and facilitates their access to the best professionals established in close proximity to their buildings. Whether it’s buying products or services, organising events or offering concierge services, her mission is clear: assist the company’s local integration by highlighting, amongst its staff, its choice of location and provide it with the best environment for doing business with local talent.

Episode 4: startup in the construction industry and the reuse of materials, a real challenge

Discover the advice given by Caroline Ramade, CEO of 5ØINTECH & Administrator for UN Women France, to Lucile Hamon, co-founder of Backacia. Lucile Hamon notably completed an HEC Entrepreneurs Masters degree in 2016, where she met Késia VASCONCELOS with whom she created the first B2B Marketplace dedicated to reusing building materials.

Episode 5: When BETC meets a content startup

Discover the advice given by Mercedes Erra, founder of BETC and Executive President of Havas Worldwide, to Clémence Demérliac, founder of AdAlong. The aim of AdAlong is to help brands develop an empathetic relationship with their communities of fans, clients and employees by using their creativity and their authenticity via a platform that automates the creation of photo and video content.

From a large group to a startup: how to take the plunge?

Discover the advice of Marie Treppoz, a graduate of HEC, a multi-entrepreneur, member of the Women Forum and now Founder of Welptoday to Nathalie Plantevin, an intrapreneur selected from the Internal Startup Call. Large startup groups, how to take the plunge?


Episode 6: Orienting young graduates, choosing a career in exciting HR exchanges

Discover the advice of Laura Carrère, Head of Family Holdings at Société Générale, to Emilie Korchia, Co-Founder of My Job Glasses, the first meeting place for students and professionals. Guide young graduates, accompany women in their careers, discover Laura Carrère's atypical career path and the labour market vision of this young startup artist.

Episode 7: When an intrapreneur meets a serial entrepreneur

Discover the advice of Marie Treppoz, a graduate of HEC Paris, a multi-entrepreneur, member of the Women Forum and now Founder of Welptoday to Nathalie Plantevin, an intrapreneur selected from the internal Startup Call. From large groups to starups, how to take the plunge?

Episode 8: Exchanges on the commitment between the first general woman and a solidarity startup

Discover the exchanges between the first general woman who spent 37 years in the Air Force, currently head of the General Administration Department at the General Secretariat of La Défense et de la sécurité nationale and the creator of a solidarity startup.

Episode 9: What if girls learned to code? And how to infuse open-innovation into a large group?

Discover the exchanges between Flore Jachimowicz, Societe Generale Innovation Associate Director and Yael Dehaese, Founder of It4Girls. Learn to code, launch, innovate in a Group.

Episode 10: BtoB or BtoC, feedback on the first few times

Discover how two women entrepreneurs have created and developed in different sectors of activity, in BtoB or BtoC. Some valuable and time-saving feedback: getting your first customers, first fundraising, lessons learned, difficulties, successes. With Marie Sermadiras (HEC Entrepreneur 2012), co-founder of Treatwell, the European leader in booking beauty and wellness treatments on the Internet and Cécile Villette (Télécom parisTech + HEC MBA 2016), co-founder of Altaroad, a solution to improve the safety and durability of infrastructures.