Societe Generale nurtures and accelerates innovation in order to better serve its clients, integrating all the potential avenues offered by digital. For new uses, new services: the bank is committed to anticipating the needs of its clients and to inventing new banking solutions to meet them.

1st and most advanced company in digital transformation in the eCAC40 ranking

After ranking fourth in 2014 and 2015, then third in 2016 and second in 2017, Societe Generale Group has been recognised most advanced company in terms of digital transformation in 2018, across all evaluation criteria: digital culture, technological expertise, relationships with the innovative ecosystem, security, external communication.

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Enhanced security thanks to the dynamic crypto code

How does it differ from the traditional bank card? The three numbers of the cryptogram are replaced by an integrated screen which shows a new code every hour. The data therefore becomes obsolete and cannot be used again, providing more reassurance and protection for clients. Banking fraud is increasing at a growing rate every day (more than 410 million fraudulent payments were made in 2015). This new technology offers maximum security for online purchases, which today account for more than 700 million banking transactions.

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