Committed to serving their clients on a daily basis, our staff also go beyond their professional engagements by supporting and actively participating in Societe Generale’s initiatives making a contribution to civil society. Social inclusion, contemporary art, classical music, rugby, disabled sport: through our varied, ongoing and sustainable initiatives, we express one of the Group’s core values: commitment.

Frédéric Oudéa Chief Executive Officer

I am very proud of the commitment of Societe Generale’s teams. Our staff have a tremendous
energy, it's what sets our company apart.

World music day 2019

Societe Generale organised its own World music day : 350 employees participated to 90 concerts given in France and abroad within Societe Generale offices and at Mécénat Musical partners.

Playing for Philharmonie

380 amateur musicians and chorists, all Societe Generale staff members from France, Romania and Senegal, will perform alongside professional musicians of the "Les Siècles" orchestra and will be joined by a group of children from the Démos project, which aims to open up classical music to young children and is also supported by Societe Generale. For this fourth Playing for Philharmonie, three concerts are scheduled, one of which is included in the annual programme of the Paris Philharmonie and so open for the first time to the general public. This great collective adventure was made possible thanks to the strength of the relationship between Societe Generale and its two partners, the "Les Siècles"orchestra and the Philharmonie of Paris.

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